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Postet av: Alterfisken
Well now you have the most beautifuk name ever too, wonder why I don't use it more. Well then it sounds pretty good with Koalacat too. Hmmm, I do actualy not like my name at all, but when you say it, it sudenly sounds beautifull. So yes, indeed there is only one person, YOU <3
01.04.2013, 09:28
Postet av: Perlesukker
Visst er det det =) Hygge!!
01.04.2013, 09:51
URL: http://perlesukker.blogg.no
Postet av: Hitoro~
True c:
01.04.2013, 16:42
URL: http://hitoronosekai.blogg.no
Postet av: Helene S Kragseth.
Sant det!(:
01.04.2013, 19:24
URL: http://helenekragseths.blogg.no
true :)
01.04.2013, 20:06
URL: http://eirunnve.blogg.no
Postet av: Kawari
^^ førr sant ~
01.04.2013, 20:20
URL: http://kuzu.blogg.no
Postet av: Sigrunn
Så sant så sant :D
01.04.2013, 21:32
URL: http://hakunamatata.blogg.no
Postet av: Victoria Venbakken
haha det er sant <3
01.04.2013, 23:44
URL: http://www.victoriavenbakken.blogg.no
Postet av: letsgetlost
så sant errhhhmaa ! .___.
02.04.2013, 02:26
URL: http://letsgetlost.blogg.no
Postet av: RaversSpeech
Alterfisken: Your name is beautiful because ut is YOUR name and you are beautiful in all ways <3
02.04.2013, 10:37
URL: http://raversspeech.blogg.no/

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